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22k Aquamarine Blue with 2 Diamonds Pear Shaped Gold Ring

₹ 75343
  • Availability: Not in stock – Available for Customization
  • 22k gold with blue stone

Metal: Gold
Gross Wt. in gms: 8.8
Net Weight (Excluding stones) in gms: 8
Purity: 22k
Waste &/ Making charges (as % of Net weight): 22
Stone & Other Charges in Rs.: 10000
Finish: yellow
Jeweler name: DVS Gold & Silvers
Jeweler Address: Salem Tamil Nadu
Customization lead time in days: 15
Size: customizable

GEM Gold Rings CAD Modeling with RPT Output Design Gold Weight - 8 Grams Plastic Crone Ring Size - 18" Aqamarine Blue Stone Weight - 4 Carat (0.800mg) 1. Tattoo Design Customization 2. A - Z Alphabets Designs Customization 3. Logo & Symbols Design Customization A ring is a circular band that is used as decorative jewellery and is often made of metal. The word "ring" by itself always refers to jewellery worn on the finger; when it refers to an ornament worn on another part of the body, such as the neck, arm, or toe, the body part is indicated inside the phrase. Bands worn loosely, such as a bracelet, are not rings; rings always fit securely around or in the area of the body they decorate. Nearly any hard material, including Gold & Silver metal, gemstones may be used to create rings. They might be set with jewels like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds as well as with different kinds of stone or glass. 22 Carat 916 BIS HALLMARK

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